Best 5 side hustles for college students with flexible schedules india


In today’s article, we will discuss the top five side hustles you should consider trying in 2023. These are passive income ideas but rather opportunities that require a daily commitment of 2-3 hours. You can earn thousands of rupees by dedicating a few hours a day. These unique and genuine ideas are suitable for students, working professionals, or anyone looking to supplement their income. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our countdown.

side hustles for college students
side hustles for college students

1. Notion Certified Consultant:

One of the relatively new and lesser-known side hustles is becoming a Notion-certified consultant. Notion is a project management software used for personal and business purposes. Many small businesses and startups lack the expertise to utilize Notion effectively and create customized workspaces. As a Notion consultant, you can help entrepreneurs understand their business processes and design tailored Notion workspaces. Many consultants earn around $50-60 per hour, which translates to approximately Rs. 4,000-6,000. Notion offers free resources and certification to help you become a certified consultant at no cost.

2. Participate in Research Trials on is a platform where renowned organizations and brands conduct research studies. These studies often involve one-on-one interviews with participants, which can last up to an hour. Unlike traditional surveys, these interviews delve deeper into research topics. Depending on your profile, you can earn around $150-200 per hour as a software developer or marketer, equivalent to Rs. 12,000-16,000. Signing up on opens the door to earning thousands of rupees in just a few hours of your time.

3. Content Creation:

Content creation has experienced significant growth in recent years, and it offers various opportunities for side hustles. Behind every successful piece of content, there are multiple roles involved. Research, scriptwriting, video editing, visual design, and social media management are just a few examples. By upskilling yourself in these areas, you can become a freelancer or pursue content creation as a side hustle. Whether it’s YouTube videos, writing subtitles, or managing social media for creators, there are ample avenues to explore and earn.

4. Language Tutor:

If you possess proficiency in a specific language, you can leverage your skills as a language tutor. Many people are eager to learn languages like Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, or any regional language. Platforms like Verbling, Preply, and iTalki allow you to register as a language tutor and offer your services to language learners. Tutoring rates can range from Rs. 500-1,000 per hour, depending on the language and your expertise. Additionally, you can approach content creators who need subtitles in languages you are proficient in and offer your services, further expanding your potential earnings.

5. Rent Out Your Place on Airbnb or Sell Home Cooked Food Online:

If you have an extra guest room or unused space in your home, consider renting it out on platforms like Airbnb. By utilizing your existing space, you can earn between Rs. 1,000-2,000 per day without any significant upfront investment. Alternatively, you can explore the option of selling home-cooked food online through platforms such as Ootabox, Masala Box, or Home Foodi. This allows you to earn income by preparing and selling your homemade delicacies, with the platforms handling operations, delivery, and marketing.


Side hustles provide an excellent opportunity to earn extra income and pursue your passions. The five side hustle ideas we discussed – becoming a Notion certified consultant, participating in research trials, content creation, language tutoring, and renting out your place or selling home-cooked food.

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