Proven Methods to earn 5000 rupees per day online without investment

Do you want to earn 5000 rupees per day without investment? well, you’ve come to the right place In this blog article you will learn the best working ways on the internet to earn money online.

There are countless methods to make money from the internet But it is not so easy for a beginner to start earning money from the Internet Most of the people who start making money online don’t take it seriously and don’t stay consistent that’s why 90% of people fail to earn money online and the biggest reason for their failure is inconsistency and their method of earning

earn 5000 rupees per day without investment
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

Looking at this problem, you will know in this article the easiest way on the internet, on which you can work and start earning money, whether you are a beginner. These methods are also the easiest method on the internet, from which you can earn money easily for a long time.

a few years ago, the Internet was only a means of entertainment for most people as the Internet started becoming more and more available the opportunity of earning money online also increased, and by taking advantage of this opportunity It is entirely possible to start generating income online.

If you haven’t earned money online before then in this blog post, you will get complete information, so you will not need to go anywhere else for money-making methods after reading this blog post, and In this article, you will know the best ways to earn money online, so let’s know how you can earn 5000 rupees per day without investment.

Referral and earn website

Referral and earn websites have become one of the easy & simple ways to earn without investment. On this website & apps you have to refer your friends and family to use a particular app, when they join the app/website, by using your Referral code then they you get a Referral Reward, this company mostly does it to reach more and more users as possible.

The biggest reason for the Referral and Earn website becoming very popular is that you can earn money very quickly by referring to these websites and apps. From these websites and apps, you can earn anywhere between ₹100 to earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

Let us know how you can refer others from these websites and earn money.

In all these you will get a Referral and Earn option, you have to click on that option and copy your refer code and many websites have a link to copy the refer, you have to copy the link and share it with your family & friends and when someone signup by entering your refer code, After completing the registration process, you will receive a bonus for referring others & Your friends and family members may also be eligible for a reward in some apps

earn 5000 rupees per day without investment
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

List of Top Referral and earn website/app – earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

Referral and earn websiteReferral Rewards
Upstox200 rupees
ySense30% commission
PhonePe150 rupees
Google Pay150 rupees
Groww1000 rupees
My11Circle551 rupees
These are some of the best websites on the internet from which you can earn money by Referring to others & you can also find more websites/apps by doing research on the internet from which you make by Referring others.

From all these websites & apps, you can easily earn 5000 rupees per day without investment & all these apps are absolutely free and you will not have to pay money for a signup, you can create your account for free in the apps and earn money by referring your friends and family members You can also promote your referral code on social media and if you have a good number of followers then you will get very good earnings from Referrals.

Sell digital planners on Etsy

Nowadays everything is becoming digital if you are viewing an image on your smartphone, listening to audio, or doing a text message, they are all digital in the same way if you are buying a PDF from the internet or any audio music, or image these all are a digital product.

Digital products are of many categories like video courses, images, or audio But most people do not know about a very underrated digital product which is Digital Planner.

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone has to make a plan for some of their goals and time management, for which people use planners, and if this planner is very well organized, then very well their whole day be spent. That’s why many people buy a planner book and to save their money they buy a digital planner and get them printed these digital planners have great demand on websites like Etsy.

One of the best things about digital products is that you have to create this product only once and you can sell this product as many times as you want. You have to create a digital planner only once and list it on Etsy and after that whenever someone will buy your digital planner, You will receive money.

earn 5000 rupees per day without investment
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

Planners come in different categories like a day planner, monthly budget planner and weekly planner, and many more. Out of these, there are certain features that are commonly found in planners.

  • Note Pages
  • To-Do Lists
  • Goal Setting
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Contacts
  • Time Slots
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Meal Planning
  • Expense Tracker

How To Make a Digital Planner To Sell on Etsy

The digital planner can be made in Photoshop If you do not know how to run Photoshop then you can make your planner on Canva or you can hire a freelancer for a website like Fiverr, or Upwork to make a planner template

While making, you have to take care of one thing the design of your planner should be good, and your planner should be in A4 size so that the buyer can print it easily.

After making you can list your planner on Etsy and keep your planner price between 4 to 5 USD and if Your only 10 planners sell in 1 day then you can easily earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

Paid to Write Blog Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

You all must know how to write, you can earn by writing a blog post if you know where the blog post is sold and for whom to write the article. By writing a blog post, you can earn money very well it is a very good way to earn 5000 rupees per day without investment.

To earn money by writing blog posts, you only need writing skills, and PayPal account, and customers who want you to write blog posts. many people make their career by writing blog posts, you can also start your blog by start writing a blog post, in which you will write an article for yourself and get your blog ranked.

earn 5000 rupees per day without investment
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

To write an article, you will need a laptop or a mobile phone, you can write people articles in your notepad, if you do not know how to write blog posts, then you can learn to write people articles from YouTube and if you practice, you can write good SEO friendly blog post.

While writing a block article, if you have information about keywords, then it will be very easy for you to write such SEO-friendly blog posts, that is why while learning to write articles, learn a little about keywords so that you can know the keyword placement in the blog and You can write such a good SEO friendly blog.

If you don’t know how to write a perfect blog post, then you can learn from this video below how to write a good blog post that ranks top in Google.

Paid to Write Blog Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Best Websites to Get Paid to Write Blog Posts

Now you come to know How to Write The Perfect Blog Post, but you cannot earn money only by writing the article, you also need customers to sell your blog post, let’s know how you can sell your blog post And earn 5000 rupees per day without investment.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Bloggers for Sale
  • Flippa
  • FE International
  • Guru

These are some of the most trusted websites in which you can earn 5000 rupees per day without investment by selling your blog articles

You can also create a portfolio blog in WordPress, which you can promote and bring customers to you, and you can promote your work on Instagram through reels and from where you can bring customers organically. I hope you understand how to earn money by writing this blog post if you still have some queries then you can comment to ask

How to Make Money with Canva: Canva affiliate marketing

All of you will know that Canva is such a good platform for graphic designing that it is used by millions of users daily. canva is absolutely free platform that any user can use but it also has a pro version that gives us extra features.

By using Canva, you can earn money in many ways you can make graphic design from it and can do freelancing, There is a secret way to earn money from Canva, that is to promote canva pro, you will know how many advanced features are there in Canva PRO, which is very good for a graphic designer, by promoting canva pro you can earn a lot.

Who can I become a Canva affiliate?

If you have a laptop PC or mobile phone with an internet connection then congratulations you are eligible to join affiliate marketing.

Can anyone join canva Affiliate if you are a graphic designer and have an interest in graphic designing then it will be very easy for you to promote canva pro

Don’t worry if you don’t have graphic designing experience, you can learn how to use canva from youtube if you practice graphic design and image editing on canva for a few days, then you will come to graphic designing very easily. It is a very easy software that anyone can learn completely in two-three days. The interface of canva is very simple, very good, due to which anyone can learn it completely in two-three days.

How to become a Canva affiliate

Joining the Canva affiliate program is a simple and easy process.

From the steps given below, you can know how you can join Canva affiliate to earn 5000 rupees per day without investment. Canva Affiliate is listed on Impact Radius, so you need to create an account on Impact Radius to join Canva Affiliate. let’s know how you can join a canva affiliate

  1. visit the affiliate landing page of Canva, and click on the “sign up” button.
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment
earn 5000 rupees per day without investment

2. Fill in your required information to create your account in Impact Radius account

3. You have to wait for a few days for your account to be approved, after the account is approved, you will get affiliate links to promote

How to promote affiliate links

Once you have access to Impact Radius, you will get your unique affiliate link, which you can promote and earn a commission. It will help you to know how many users purchase canva Pro through your link.

You can promote your link on many platforms. let’s know which is the best platform where you can do affiliate marketing.

1. YouTube: If you have a YouTube channel, then you can upload videos on canva Pro on your own channel and include an affiliate link in the video description, pinned comment, or end screen.

2. reels: You can make reels while doing graphic designing using canva and to whom you can tell what are the benefits of canva pro and you can tell viewers that you can buy canva pro from link bio link. you can also put your reels on youtube shorts.

3. printrest: You can promote canva by putting a template made from canva pro on Pinterest.

4. Quora is a question-and-answer platform and you can answer all the questions you have regarding canva Pro and promote canva affiliate link

How Much Can You Earn as a Canva Affiliate?

Canva Affiliate gives you a commission for each referral

canva offers two Plan monthly and yearly subscriptions.

1. Monthly Plan: You can earn 80% of the monthly subscription for the first 2 months which is approximately $13 per sale If 4 people from your link buy canva Pro in 1 day then you can earn 5000 rupees per day without investment.

2. Yearly Plan: If someone from your link has purchased an annual subscription to Canva Pro, you can earn 25% on the cost of that, which is around $30 per subscriber. You just have to sell two yearly subscriptions to earn 5000 rupees per day without investment


In conclusion, This article presents you how you can earn 5000 rupees per day without investment. How can you start generating a very good amount of income from all these methods, if you start all these methods today?

It is very important that you work on all these methods with very realistic expectations, you will not make money from all these methods overnight, but if you work with full dedication on all these methods, then this method will give you a very good lifetime income.

Referral and earn websites, selling digital planners on platforms like Etsy, freelance writing, and Canva affiliate marketing Are all very good ways to earn money. However, you will be successful in all these methods only if your way of doing these skills is good and you put all your hard work to work on these methods.

It is important for a beginner to understand that making money online takes time. Many beginners fail in earning money online because they are not consistent in their work, they focus only on money and do not do it in their skills, they have to become very rich and become a millionaire overnight from the internet. This is the reason why they do not focus on their skills and work.

In the growing world of the internet, opportunities for money-making will continue to grow as soon as the internet grows, new ways will keep coming so that we can earn money on the internet.

I hope you all must have come to know from these methods how you can earn 5000 rupees per day without investment. If you will work on all these methods by giving all your hard work and work with discipline, then you will definitely earn ₹ 5000 daily from all these methods and ₹ 5000 is a very small amount if you grow on all these methods you can earn more than 5000 rupees from all these methods.

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