6 BEST WAYS to Earn 3000 per day online without Investment in India

How to earn 3000 per day online without investment in India is getting widespread search in Google nowadays because it is very important to earn money. In today’s digital age, the internet keeps creating tons of ways to earn 3000 per day without investment especially you will find millions of ways in India by which you can earn ₹3000 per day if you do these things full time then you can easily earn more than 3000 per day online. Even if you are not from India, you can try all these side hustles, but you will have to do some research, all the methods mentioned in this article are specially for India.

This article will guide you so that you will know the best ways in India by which you can earn ₹ 3000 a day all these methods work and many people are making very good money in India by these methods. While it may require effort and dedication, with the right approach, you can achieve your financial goals from the comfort of your own home

How to earn 3000 per day in india
earn 3000 per day in India

You have to make patient while working on these income methods, earning ₹3000 very easily from all these methods, but you cannot earn money quickly from all these ways, you have to work in human matter with full motivation so that you can easily start earning money. This article will not tell you any short-term method, this method is long-term so that you can make earning source for a lifetime.

Earn 3000 per day online by selling digital products

In the modern era, the internet has become very important along with the internet The need for digital products is also increasing, In today’s era of the internet everything is becoming digital like books which used to be hard copies earlier now it has converted into ebooks and courses which we can find in the internet of anything and many others things have been digitized.

And This is a very good opportunity to earn money, we can sell our course book, digital template, etc And If you make your digital products and sell them on the Internet, then you can easily earn 3000 per day without investment from this and If your product is good, buyers are recommending to others and you do marketing of your product, then you can earn by selling more than 3000 Rs in one day.

The best opportunity to sell a digital product is that you do not need any big team to make a digital product, nor do you need any big investment, you can make a digital product from your mobile phone and your laptop PC and sell it on amazon, Etsy or you can create your own website in WordPress or create Shopify store and digitize it

Let’s understand how to create digital products using Ai to earn 3000 per day without investment & Which the Top Digital Product Ideas for Passive Income

let’s explore some of the best digital product ideas for generating passive income. Digital products have gained immense popularity due to their low production costs, high profitability, instant delivery, and easy customer support. We will discuss various examples of successful digital products and how they can inspire you to create your own and earn some extra money on the side.

how to earn 3000 per month in India
  1. Notion Templates:
    Notion templates have become incredibly popular in recent years. These templates offer ready-made solutions for organizing tasks, notes, and projects on the Notion platform. One remarkable success story is that of Easlo, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who has made over $200,000 by selling Notion templates. By providing valuable templates and saving users’ time, he has built a dedicated following on Twitter and continues to generate substantial income.
  2. eBooks:
    eBooks are an excellent way to monetize your knowledge and skills. Refactoring UI, an eBook by Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan, has generated a staggering $2.3 million in revenue. This demonstrates the willingness of people to invest in valuable information and insights. Creating an eBook based on your expertise can be a lucrative digital product, especially if it solves a specific problem or offers unique insights.
  3. Courses/Guides:
    Courses and guides are advanced versions of eBooks that provide comprehensive learning experiences. Figma Academy is a prime example of a successful course that teaches users how to maximize their use of the Figma design tool. With a price point of $500, the creator, Ridd, is projected to make $700,000 in revenue this year. Courses are highly sought-after as they accelerate the learning process and provide practical knowledge in a structured manner.
  4. Design UI Kits:
    For individuals with design skills who want to know how to earn 3000 per month in India, creating UI kits can be a profitable venture. Untitled UI, a Figma UI kit and design system, has gained significant traction, boasting over 50,000 users. Even with 1,100 ratings on Gumroad, it has generated over $110,000 in revenue. UI kits provide ready-made design elements, icons, and typography settings, catering to designers looking to streamline their workflow.
  5. Icons and Presets:
    Creating and selling icons or presets can be a lucrative endeavor for photographers and designers. Icons are in high demand, and individuals like James and my own experience have shown that making and selling icon packs can result in substantial earnings. James, through his website Iconic App, has generated $33,500 in the first year by offering a collection of icons that he adds to regularly. Similarly, presets for photo editing software like Lightroom can be sold to photographers who want to achieve consistent and professional results.
how to earn 3000 per month in India
how to earn 3000 per month in India

Digital products offer a fantastic opportunity for passive income generation. Whether it’s Notion templates, eBooks, courses, UI kits, icons, or presets, there are various avenues to explore based on your skills and interests. By leveraging your expertise and providing value to customers, you can create a digital product that generates income while you sleep. With the right marketing strategies and platforms like HubSpot, promoting and selling your digital products becomes more accessible than ever. So, dive into the digital product realm and start earning extra income today!

How to make money from an Instagram theme page to Earn 3000 per day online without Investment in India

In today’s era of digital social media, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and millions of crores of rupees are being earned from any platform, there are lots of people who earn money from Instagram pages. In this article, we will explore Below are the best ways to earn money from Instagram

How to earn 3000 per day without investment
How to earn 3000 per day without investment
  1. Sponsored Posts:

One of the most common ways to earn money in the world of Instagram in sponsored posts if you have an account and your engagement is also good If you have more Instagram followers, then many brands will approach you for collaboration and promotion, for these promotions you can charge a very good amount from them and this has been the best way to date to earn money from Instagram. But for this method, you will have to keep increasing the engagement of your Instagram page.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves partnering with brands and earning a commission for every sale generated through your unique affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from Instagram, you can promote an affiliate marketing link on your Instagram page and you will get some commission from affiliate marketing if someone purchases from your link.

  1. Product Promotion:

If you want to earn 3000 per day without investment and have your own products or merchandise, Instagram provides an excellent platform to promote and sell them. Showcase your products through visually appealing posts and stories, and include a call-to-action for your followers to make a purchase. By driving sales through your Instagram page, you can generate a steady stream of income.

  1. Digital Products:

Consider creating and selling digital products that align with your niche or expertise. This can include e-books, online courses, guides, templates, or exclusive content. Use your Instagram page to promote these digital products and direct your followers to your website or a designated sales platform where they can make a purchase.

  1. Brand Partnerships:

Collaborating with like-minded brands can be mutually beneficial. By partnering with brands that align with your audience’s interests and values, you can create sponsored content, co-create products, or engage in joint marketing campaigns. These partnerships can provide both financial compensation and increased exposure for your Instagram page.

  1. Instagram Advertising:

As your Instagram page gains traction and reaches a significant number of followers, you may be eligible to monetize it through Instagram’s advertising program. With Instagram ads, you can earn revenue by displaying advertisements within your content. Explore the requirements and guidelines provided by Instagram to determine if this option is viable for your page.

  1. Offer Consulting or Services:

If you have specialized knowledge or skills, consider offering consulting services or freelance work related to your niche. Leverage your Instagram page as a portfolio and showcase your expertise to attract clients who may be interested in hiring you for their projects. This can be an additional source of income alongside your Instagram presence.

With careful planning, consistent engagement, and strategic monetization methods and How to earn 3000 per day without investment, you can transform your Instagram page into a profitable venture. Experiment with different approaches, evaluate your audience’s preferences and adapt your strategies accordingly. Remember to maintain authenticity and provide value to your followers as you explore these monetization avenues on Instagram.

Start a youtube channel to Earn 3000 per day

nowadays YouTubers have more popular than Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities And because of this popularity, YouTubers are earning money in millions, you can also start earning money by starting your own channel on youtube, then along with the money you will get popularity With the help of this popularity, you can start your business & you will not need any marketing to do business, the best example of this is Mr Beast and ksi, logan paul

To earn money from YouTube, you have to fulfill some criteria of YouTube, if you make good content for your channel, then your criteria will be fulfilled very easily and you will earn more than 3000 money from YouTube every day in the future you can also make a business from your youtube channel.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of creating your YouTube channel and what settings we have to make for that YouTube channel so that the SEO of our YouTube channel is good and the YouTube channel grows fast as.

how to earn 3000 per month in India
how to earn 3000 per month in India

1. Sign in to YouTube and Choose Your Channel Type:

In the top right corner of YouTube.com, click on the “Sign In” button to start. If you happen to have a Google Account or a Gmail email address, feel free to use that to log in You have two options for channel types: personal or brand. A personal channel is linked to your personal Google or Gmail Account, while a brand channel allows for custom channel names and multiple channel managers. We recommend choosing a brand channel for better flexibility and collaboration.

2. Create Your YouTube Channel:

If you’re all signed in, go ahead and click on that profile picture of yours. From there, you can choose between two options: “Settings” or “Add or Manage Your Channels.” Now, if it happens to be your very first time, simply click on “Create a Channel.” This is where you get to make a decision – personal or brand channel? Take a moment to think about it, and once you’ve made up your mind, give your channel a unique name. If you went with the brand channel route, be sure to go for a name that relates to your awesome content. Oh, and don’t fret if you change your mind later on – you can always switch up your channel name whenever you want.

3. Upload a Profile Picture and Write a Channel Description:

Upload a profile picture that represents your brand after creating your channel. Then, write a description on your channel’s “About” page that introduces yourself, your content, and the type of content viewers should expect.

Include relevant keywords and tags in the description to optimize your channel for search rankings.

4. Add Links to Your Website and Social Media Profiles:

To connect your channel with your social media accounts, add links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. This makes it easier for viewers to engage with your social media platforms.

5. Verify Your Channel:

Verifying your channel unlocks additional features and credibility. Access the verification option in your channel settings and follow the steps to complete the process. Verification can be done via an automated voice message or a text message verification code.

6. Customize Your Channel’s Appearance:

To make your channel visually appealing, customize your channel art, also known as your banner. Upload an image that reflects your brand or content niche. Adjust the crop to ensure it looks good on desktop, TV, and mobile devices.

7. Set Up Your Branding Watermark and Advanced Settings:

Add a branding watermark to your videos, which also acts as a subscribe button. You can use your profile picture or create a custom subscribe button. Choose when and where the watermark appears in your videos. Additionally, specify whether your channel is for kids or not in the advanced settings section.

8. Optimize Your Channel with Keywords and Tags: (How to earn 3000 per day online)

In the “Basic Info” section, add relevant keywords and tags that describe your channel and content. This help YouTube understand your channel’s focus and improve its visibility in search results. Use keywords related to your niche and content topics.

Earn 3000 per month in India by Print on demand using Ai

Nowadays, in this era of modern technology, we can earn money from such technology, Especially with the help of AI technology, we can do expensive work very easily and we can earn money in new ways by using them. With the help of AI tools, we can generate images We can earn money by selling ai images on the internet & knows how we will generate these images the best tool from which we will generate images, and the platforms where we can sell these images. How to earn 3000 per day online

Understanding the Market:

Before diving into creating AI-generated printables, it’s crucial to understand what types of products are in high demand. Etsy, a popular online marketplace for digital downloads, serves as an excellent source of inspiration. For instance, landscape printable wall art in vintage styles has proven to be a desirable product, as evidenced by shops generating significant sales and revenue. By validating these successful products, we can ensure that our own creations have a market ready to embrace them. How to earn 3000 per day online

AI Tools for Creating Printables:

To create captivating landscape wall art, one AI tool that stands out is Kittle. This user-friendly graphic design software offers various graphics and fonts for your digital products and features an AI capability. By using Kittle’s AI feature, you can specify the image style you desire, such as oil painting or watercolor. Simply provide a prompt, such as “Spring Meadow with small white flowers and sunrise in the background,” and Kittle will generate beautiful images based on your input. With its adjustable settings, you can fine-tune the artwork to your liking and create a unique printable ready for download. (How to earn 3000 per day online)

Another AI tool worth exploring is Creative Fabrica, a platform where you can purchase graphics and fonts for your digital products. Through their CF Spark feature, you can generate AI images based on prompts, allowing for customization. By specifying the desired style, like watercolor or black and white, and using prompts like “Watercolor pine trees and mountains,” you can create stunning images for your printables. Creative Fabrica offers a free option for generating AI images, but for high-quality printables, a subscription is required. How to earn 3000 Rs in one day

Expanding the Printables Portfolio: (How to earn 3000 per day online)

In addition to landscape wall art, there is a significant market for other types of printables. Intricate adult coloring pages and printable planner pages are two such categories that have gained popularity. AI tools like Mid-Journey and Chachi BT come into play here. Mid-Journey’s text-to-image generator, accessible through their Discord community, can help create intricate animal face coloring pages or mandala coloring pages. While the generated images may need some post-processing, they provide a strong foundation for creating unique printables.

Chachi BT, on the other hand, offers a chat-based AI tool that can provide ideas for different types of planners to sell. By asking questions like “Give me ideas for fitness planners,” you can receive detailed suggestions on what elements to include. Combining these ideas with AI-generated planner page templates from Mid-Journey allows you to create personalized and attractive fitness planners or other types of planners that cater to specific customer needs. How to earn 3000 per day in stock market,


The world of AI tools opens up endless possibilities for creating and selling profitable printables. By leveraging platforms like Kittle, Creative Fabrica, Mid-Journey, and Chachi BT, entrepreneurs can tap into their AI capabilities to generate stunning artwork, coloring pages, and planner pages.(How to earn 3000 per day online) However, it’s important to remember that success in selling printables requires more than just creating artwork; effective advertising and marketing strategies are crucial for driving sales. With a combination of creativity, AI tools, and marketing efforts, you can unlock the potential to earn a substantial income from the sale of printables in the ever-growing

Selling logo to make 3k a month

All the companies in the world, TV channels, movies, Instagram pages, and anything on the internet, have their logo and by making those people earn 3000 per day or more than it, you can create logos with Canva, or Photoshop & many more photo editing tools. You can find your customers on the internet to sell logos you can create your Instagram account and dm pages and company to show yourself and send them samples of logos that you made. And you can also create your account on a website like Fiver Freelancer, by which you will get customers and you can create a YouTube channel in which you can make videos of making logos, and in this video, you can promote your freelance work. How to earn 3000 per day without investment (How to earn 3000 per day online)

and the best method of getting customers is Instagram DM you can send DM’s to pages and don’t send dm’s like spam make it unique. so that It doesn’t look like you have DM just to sell logos.


In conclusion, the above are the following 6 BEST WAYS to Earn 3000 per day online without Investment in India you can easily earn 3000 per day online by these methods only thing that you must do with these methods is do hard work and consistently work on these methods.

How to earn 3000 per day without investment
How to earn 3000 per day without investment

These all ways are not quick earning methods it takes time & all are methods in which you can really for a long time and for passive income. You can also follow us on Instagram And youtube for money-earning methods.

How can I earn Rs. 3,000 per month

All these methods are sufficient to earn 3000 per day online

Can we only earn 3000 per day online from these methods

No, You Can earn 3000 Rs in one day or more than 3000 from All These Methods all you have to do This side hustle With Hard Work & with full of dedication

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