Best AI tools for college students in India 2023

Hey friends! I and my team have invested a lot of time and have come up with such tools which if you use in your life then these tools would help you to make money and would help in saving a lot of time. So, in this artical I am going to share 11 AI tools which we have used personally and are very useful! Because this is very true, 

when I was starting my blogging career the things which helped me to move forward, were tools. Like Videoscribe, an animation software that helped me to bring novelty and due to which, a lot of people watched me. Today, AI is in trend. If you use AI, I think if you use it very well then you can outperform others it can give you a good leverage. 

Best AI tools for college students in India 2023
Best AI tools for college students in India 2023


First tool which our team use very much, that is ChatGPT. We use it to write description, to write captions, if I have to do some research, I use it for that purpose, if I have to see the book summary and if I write the prompt for book summary like, if I ask ChatGPT to give me the book summary of book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ then ChatGPT gives me the summary of that book. If I change the prompt and ask it to give me chapter wise book summary or ‘How to win friends and influence people’ that it goes one step ahead and gives me a better summary. Similarly, you can use ChatGPT in a many other ways. You can use it for research. See, if you speak stories in the journey of content creation, then stories attract a lot and get a lot of views. So finding stories is very challenging sometimes, but again, you can use ChatGPT. Next tool which we use very much


if you have seen the latest blogpost of skillsuponline we have made all these thumbnails by using that AI tool whose name is Midjourney you must have heard its name. Basically, what Midjourney is if you can write whatever you imagine Midjourney will make that thing in the form of an image. Basically, it is a game changer for many people. You can say, the artists will lose their value because of it, because you can generate the arts and photots just by writing the prompts. What you have to do, you have to write /, imagine and prompt. My team member wrote account outfit, then Egypt pyramids, then walking with people and the pics. When he put such prompts, this is what the result was, which is very interesting, you can say. Similarly, the more descriptively and smartly you write your imagination the better it would make images for you! And you can use these images anywhere, like we use them on Youtube for thumbnails. And we got to know that a lot of people are using for tshirt printing, and making a lot of money. Have to design the book cover, that is, anywhere where the graphics are used you can make good graphics here, which are very interesting. How you can use Midjourney, for that you have to visit and here you can join the beta, if you are new there, from which you would be redirected to the Discord. And there would be a room of newbies on the left, you can see there that a lot of people are using it for various images. There, by going at the bottom there whatever the prompt you have to write, by writing /imagine, whatever you want to imagine, like for example, a cool cat wearing red hoodie. Similarly, if you put prompts descriptively you can see the cat image, which is looking very lovely, and looking very usable. Now if you are interested in AI and want to know, how we use AI personally if you want to be a content creator by using AI in the shortest period of time, then there is a good news for you! I am going to do a free workshop on it, where we would talk about AI in detail, all the AI tool which we are using personally, and how you can use them in the journey of content creation to move forward, all those things would be in this free workshop, so if you are interested, then the link is given in the description, register for that free workshop. There I would come live and talk about AI. If you want to ask me some questions, you can ask. And you would get to learn a lot of interesting things there, so the link is in the description, register for the free workshop. Now let’s come back to the next tool. ChatGPT targets vast number of people no matter what profession you are in, doctor, engineer in any field, you can make your life easy by using it. But if I narrow down it,

if I focus on just content creation, then there is a very good tool for the content creators which is called You must have heard it somewhere. Copywriting is a very high paying skill, copywriting is selling through writing. It can take years if you go to learn skills which you should learn but you can learn this skill fast and apply it by using They have given a lot of tools here through which you can create good hooks. You should focus the most on hooks in videos and if you have to create good hooks you can do it by using There are more than 90 tools here which are different tools like hook generator, youtube title generator, similarly there are many such tools. The problem is ChatGPT is that people don’t know how to write good prompts, due to which they are not able to get good output, but here, they have done a good thing, they have already made some prompts, by using which you can search in a beter way, and can find out better answers. If you see on the left side, there are many tools given here. Like there is a tool of general ad copy, here you can make any kind of ad by using general ad copy, like for example, there are three things given here. Product brand name. So let’s write ‘Digital business creator’. Then let’s describe, what our product is, like we have filled here in detail. Then you can choose the tone, whether it is friendly or corporate type it will generate according to the tone you need. And you generate, you will get different ad copies which you can use. So whatever you niche is, you can go there and choose accordingly. I found it very interesting. 

Adobe Podcast

Next one is very lovely AI tool which we are using regulary and its name is Adobe Podcast. Around 4-5 years ago, when I used to create content there was a lot of disturbance. I used to try a lot, used to out pillows and used to do a lot of things to get crisp voice, and for less disturbance and noise, but now AI tools have comes which have removed all these problems. If there is lot of noise in your background there is sound of horns, knocking or fan then this AI tool by Adobe can make the voice crisp and good. There is one thing that is, if the background noise is too loud it can remove that too but will make your voice little bit robotic. So try to record in a less noisy place, but if there is little bit noise, then it can remove the noise and make the voice crisp. It is very easy to use. You just have to signup and whatever your audio file is, in mp3 or wave file, you can upload that in the server of Adobe, it will get it and make your audio crisp, will remove whole background noise and will give good quality voice which will make your content good. 

 There are two more AI tools which our team use a lot especially at the time of editing, our team member uses it, given by Premier first one is Premier scene detection. What is that? Bascially suppose, there is a video where there are different scenes that is, there is one animation at one place, then a new animation comes, there are two different scene shots if the editor has to put some transitions between two scenes or if he has to put any sound effect or has to change the music during the trasition of one scene to another then first he had to watch the whole video and then he had to watch, where the scenes are changing he had to cut it manually there, but with the help of this AI tool this AI tool put cuts automatically with the help of which, a lot of time gets saved. One more AI tool which he uses a lot, that is Remix your music. Suppose you have to put a sound or music whose lenght is 5 minutes but your video is 1 minute long only, you have shot a reel. This AI tool would bring that whole audio in 1 minute audio, that too properly it’s not that anything is happening. It will set that music very properly which will sound good. There is one more interesting tool named I and my wife make video related to vlogs, so we need music sometimes, which music to put, so the beatoven helps you to make customizable and royalty free music. Yes, you heard it right. It helps you in creating music which is royalty free, and again, this is very powerful thing. When you will visit beatoven, you just have to sign up and after signing up, when you will select new track, it will ask you the title of the track, you can change the name and can give whatever you want, it will ask you the duration, what kind of tempo you have to keep, like fast, slow or medium, select that. I chose medium and clicked ‘next’, then it wil ask you the genre of the soundtrack. So there is indian music, pop music, ambient, indie cinematic, hip-hop, electronic, whatever you need, select that apply that and then it will ask what kind of music you need, sad, music, calm, happy. Due to this you would be able to get the exact type of music which you have to use in your vlogs or videos which I think, is very interesting. What you think about this tool, tell me in comment section! Next AI website about which is very powerful and I came to know about that where you can create text to video directly. Put whatever the text you want to put, it will ask for your email id and will send the video there. There is one more AI website named Like I already told you, you can make text to video in synthesia similarly you can make text to video here. You will get a lot of options here, like script to video have to make article to video edit videos using text, visual to video you get various options on piktory. Here you will get the free trial version, using which you can start a little bit. Like if you have to make text to video write the video name there, whatever it is, and then write, whatever your text is. Like, ‘Hi, my name is Zeeshan. I am a content creator. I make videos to help people grow’. You can write, whatever your text is, and then it will ask for templates that is, what kind of video you want. Like you need lemon style, corporate style or sunrise. Many templates are available here, you choose one template out of them, select it, then it will ask for the dimension of the video that if you need 16:9, or 9:16, select that and then it will give you a video by processing it. There is one more promising AI tool which I recently saw and found it interesting, that is Animate from Audio. That is by Adobe. There is a link named which I will give in the description, you can visit from there if you click there, it will give you animated characters, and you can select that animated character you can choose, what its background would be, then you can choose the aspect ration, and then you can create animations using your audio. These are not so detailed animations, but I think you can get some decent views by using it. I have told you a lot of AI tools here. But you know, many new AI tools are coming everyday. Which are good, which are not, which are useful for you and which are not to remove all those confusions, there is a website named This is the marketplace of all the AI tools. You will get all the AI website here. You can see which AI tools are coming, you can watch that and also the news related to it. An interesting thing I have noticed here that people are making more videos on AI tools more than using them. So I think, this is a very good source to make content like you can research. You will get the news related to AI and you can create videos you can learn yourself and spread awareness among people so that would be a win-win situation! The website is that’s very interesting, go and check it out. These were the 11 AI tools which we are using. If you also want to use AI told, as I told earlier to move forward, to create content, to make a lot of money, 

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